Easy Guide To Install Sports Hub Kodi Addon on Krypton 17.6 & Jarwis

Sports Hub is a Kodi add-on for people who love watching sports. Add this add-on to your Kodi and watch live matches, highlights of your favorite sport. Below you can find a step by step installation guide of Sports Hub Kodi Addon. Read the steps below to know how to Install Sports Hub Kodi Addon on Krypton 17.6. This sports hub Kodi add-on also searches on Reddit and looks for media streams and presents it to Kodi so that it can playback. By the end of this post, you will have a Sports Hub installed on your Kodi.



What Sports Hub Kodi Addon Offers?

A Sports Hub is a sports Kodi Addon which is located in the Tantrum TV Repository. As the name suggests, you can watch sports-related content through this add-on. If you are a sports lover then you must check what this add-on has in store for you. This add-on contains NBA Games, NHL Games, NFL Games, MLB Games, Highlights, My Subreddits, Stats/Standings, and Archive. Sports Hub has multiple sections which include,

  • Live Matches: You will be able to watch live matches.
  • Highlights: Watch highlights of your favorite sport in case you have less time.
  • WWE: Watch WWE fights.
  • Motor
  • Pro
  • General Archive
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Baseball

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How To Install Sports Hub Kodi Addon

A simple step by step guide to install the Sports Hub addon on Kodi is shared below. Read and execute the steps as mentioned to install the Sports Hub Kodi Addon. Refer to the images for better understanding.

Step 1: First of all, open the Kodi application in your device and then click on the System Settings Icon which is available at the top left side of the Home screen.



Step 2: Click on the File Manager


Step 3: Find the Add Source on the left side and Click on it.


Step 4: Click where it says NONE


Step 5: Now you need to enter the URL as http://www.tantrumtv.com/download/. Make sure to enter the correct URL only, incorrect URL means unsuccessful installation.



Step 6: Enter a name for Media Source as Tantrum TV and click OK.


Step 7: You need to cross check the URL and Media Source name once to make sure it’s correct. Proceed further only after cross-checking it.



Step 8: Now Go back to the Kodi Home screen i.e. Main Menu and click Add-ons


Step 9: Click the Add-on Package Installer Icon which is available at the top left of the screen.



Step 10: Click Install from zip file



Step 11: A box will pop-up on the screen where you need to find Tantrum TV and click on it.



Step 12: Click repository.tantrumtv-1.2.3.zip 


Step 13: The process of Repository download & installation has started. Wait for the Repository add-on installed notification to appear on the top right side of the screen.



Step 14: Click Install from Repository


Step 15: Select Tantrum TV Repository


Step 16: Click on the Video Add-ons


Step 17: Find the Sports Hub and click on it.


Step 18: To Install the Sports Hub addon, click on the Install button. The installation process will start as soon as you click on that button.


Now, wait for the Add-on Enabled Installed notification to appear on the screen. Upon the successful installation, you will receive a pop-up on the right side of the screen. You will be able to enjoy the content of Sports Hub add-on once it’s successfully installed.

This is not an official Kodi add-on so if you face any problem then only contact the developer of this add-on. For more such Kodi Add-ons installation guides, keep on checking this space.

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